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Patient Finance… A BETTER WAY

by Luke Johnson

Nobody wants to turn away patients who can’t afford care. Unfortunately, when your practice relies on insurance reimbursement or elective care to stay open, that’s often what happens. 

The result is people who don’t get care, or get less care than they need — not to mention revenue lost for your practice.

High deductible insurance plans are the most affordable option for many people. Unfortunately, they also rely on liquidity that many people simply don’t have. 78% of full time workers in America live paycheck to paycheck, and many can’t afford an unexpected bill of six thousand dollars (or more).

In addition, a lot of people need care that isn’t covered by insurance providers. Unless they can secure a loan, procedures that will improve their lives are held out of reach.

Allowing your patients to independently finance all or a portion of their costs gives them access to the care they need — and ensures that you don’t have to turn away those in need.

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The Medical Financing Provider Cheat Sheet

by Jack Craven

If you run a medical practice in 2019, cultivating a nuanced understanding of medical financing is an important part of your job.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Patient Finance Team

by Eric Powers

The growing popularity of high-deductible health plans means more and more patients are paying out of their own pockets for medical care. For practices, the added pressure on patients can directly impact revenue.

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