Our Finance as a Service model that can change your practice FOREVER!

If you are currently offering in-house patient financing as a way of helping your patients pay for care, we want to encourage you to look at FaaS (Finance as a Service) as a way of managing the program. Most of the national providers who have converted to our FaaS model, offered in-house patient financing as a necessary part of growing their business. Unfortunately, that meant managing things like credit, missed payments, balance reconciliation, patient disputes and the litany of regulatory burdens that come along with being a lender to your own patients. We saw this as an opportunity to help, so we built the nation’s first FaaS model, nearly 7 years ago.

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Gratitude IS an Attitude

Some friends of mine always sign their emails off with the tag line "With Gratitude". When I first saw this I thought, wow that is a great way to express or convey an emotion that is not very common in today's business climate. So with their permission I started using it on my emails. Not wanting to change my "canned" signature I began typing it into emails before sending them. As I did I noticed that I was consciously requiring myself to be grateful for everything I was doing and expressing that gratefulness to others. My attitude toward many things has changed since I began this journey of gratitude. 

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Your doctor is a lender when...


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