Why Financing Healthcare Is Better Than Sending Patients To Collections


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Why You Are Competing With the Exit Sign

Every doctor has the desire to serve all of their patients, and every businessman wants to say yes to their clients as long as it is profitable for the business. In many cases, the doctor must make strategic health decisions along with profitable financial choices for their shop. In other cases, the doctors can focus on surgeries and procedures while designated businessmen handle financial requirements. I’ll explain why both situations are at war with the exit sign and what they can do to reclaim what it keeps stealing.

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Our Finance as a Service model that can change your practice FOREVER!

If you are currently offering in-house patient financing as a way of helping your patients pay for care, we want to encourage you to look at FaaS (Finance as a Service) as a way of managing the program. Most of the national providers who have converted to our FaaS model, offered in-house patient financing as a necessary part of growing their business. Unfortunately, that meant managing things like credit, missed payments, balance reconciliation, patient disputes and the litany of regulatory burdens that come along with being a lender to your own patients. We saw this as an opportunity to help, so we built the nation’s first FaaS model, nearly 7 years ago.

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