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Join the Revenue Revolution

Expand your healthcare financing options, increase revenue for your practice.

As health insurers shift people into low-premium, high deductible plans, more patients are left holding the bag. To help cover costs,
a lot of practices partner with lenders to provide financing alternatives to patients.

Lender-based financing is a start, but lenders don’t cover everybody. In fact, nearly 50% of applicants get denied, and those who get approved may only get part of their balance covered. Traditionally, practices are forced to either come up with ad hoc payment plans or turn them away.

Now, there’s a third option: Profitable, pay-over-time patient financing options.

Pay over time options with managed risk

Flexible patient financing uses a cutting edge algorithm to determine patient default risk, then develops a custom repayment plan to make care accessible and affordable.

In this ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How pay-over-time works
  • Why patients love pay-over-time plans
  • Managing risk and improving ROI
  • And more!

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