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Modern Payment Options for Audiology Offices

Audiology care can be life-changing.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford audiology treatment with traditional payment methods. 

Hearing aids can cost up to $6,500, plus the cost of hearing tests, consultations, and warranties. Worse, cochlear implant surgery can cost over $150k. The vast majority of patients can’t afford this level of care out-of-pocket.

Even patients with insurance often can’t afford their procedures due to poor coverage or high deductibles. No practice wants to turn patients away, but unpaid bills aren’t good for anyone.

Thankfully, modern payment options have emerged that enable patients to pay over time, allowing audiology offices to accept more patients.

In this ebook, we’ll cover:

  • The problems with traditional payment options 
  • The difference between credit-based and pay-over-time options
  • The best providers of alternative payment options
  • The forecast for the audiology market

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